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tsu-executive-protection-logoGY6 GLOBAL LTD have a unique working relationship with our African partner and strategic alliance TSU South-Africa. As far as GY6 is concerned TSU are by far the leading specialist security company within Africa and we are privileged and honoured to work hand in hand with this trend setting company leading the way on the continent of Africa.

TSU will provide what must be arguably the most advanced Close Protection training course in the world: The ONLY course in the industry where if you pass your firearm competency course within the first two days you will then carry a side arm for the rest of the 5 week Close Protection course:

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About TSU Protection Services

One of the Leading Private Security Companies in South Africa. TSU Protection Services was formed in 1999, to address a gap in the private security market in South Africa for highly trained professionals. TSU Protection Services offers exceptionally high standards and service levels.Due to our reputation for excellence we have been approached by International Security Companies to represent them in Africa.

Choosing Your Security Company

Minimising security risks is essential in today’s business environments. Failure to choose the right security partner can result in situations where your assets, property and even the lives of your personnel are placed at risk. We pride ourselves on the knowledge that our members undergo a strict selection and training process based on the methodologies used by specialised units in the South African Police and Military.

Our broad blue-chip client base bears testimony to our ability to ensure that our clients’ needs are met and their security risks reduced. A broad base of expertise, experience and resources ensures that we deliver the best results attainable for each assignment. The sophisticated skills of our highly qualified team of experts combined with their commitment to excellence further add value and often create additional opportunities for our clients.

Sound Business Ethics

TSU Protection Services will only commit to a potential project or a contract if they know that they can meet and deliver the requirements according to their own unique high standards and service levels. A project will never be accepted unless they are sure that they have the resources to deliver. They work closely with the official law enforcement agencies and adhere strictly to the letter of the law, a boundary that will never be overstepped. A project will never be accepted from a client who does not conform to the same ethics and principles that we do.

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