Threat Assessments

Threat Assesments

The global atmosphere has been marked by the emergence of a heightened significant number of security threats. Whether these threats are as a result of political instability, violent crime, terrorist action or malicious acts, your establishment needs to understand their significance and how to mitigate their impact by carrying out a standardised security risk assessment.

The foundation of a security strategy, and the fundamental control measures for physical security (buildings and assets) and personnel security should be an all-inclusive Threat Risk Assessment.

It is the scale of threat and possible impact upon the business profile that should dictate the magnitude and nature of commercial exposure and consequent security control measures, balanced by the corporate appetite for risk, upon which the security strategy should be applied.

The assessed security threat, mitigated by countermeasures and the resultant residual risk is what should define and drive a corporate security strategy.

The foundation of the national, local and exact Threat Risk Assessment will include aspects of the following:

  • Malicious and non-malicious threats, based on previous history, current affairs, trend analysis and intelligence-driven forecast in respect of crime, terrorism and radicalism;
  • An examination of the business & public profile of the establishment, historical relevant threats and occurrence affecting staff, visitors and hosted events/functions;
  • An assessment of the threats posed by physical closeness of vulnerable neighbours, critical national infrastructure and transport or other appropriate activities.
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