Secure & Executive Transportation & Fleet Management

Secure & Executive Transportation

GY6 is able to provide specialist security trained and perceptive armed and un-armed advanced drivers who are able to provide the highest standards of luxury and secure transportation around the globe including hostile transfers to and from any destination required.

Road accidents and vehicle hijacking / robberies are a risk factor facing visitors to many destinations these days, to minimize these risks GY6 provides professional advanced specialist drivers with the added extra that all personnel are qualified Close Protection Officers. All drivers are trained in advanced driving as well as anti hi-jack training.

Another risk factor is the possibility of getting lost, an occurrence that can place individuals in very stressful situations especially in a hostile environment. This risk can easily be avoided by using our specialist team to drive you or your group to your required destination making sure you arrive safely, without harm and on time.


Please take comfort in knowing that GY6 experience and background commands our understanding of the importance of keeping disclosed information confidential, and with that said all GY6 drivers have signed non-disclosure agreements and we are willing to sign our patrons’ non-disclosure agreements.

GY6 recognizes the following fundamental responsibilities to our clients:

  • To provide the client with tactful, professional executive conveyance service.
  • To ensure the surroundings is as safe and secure as possible for the client.
  • To provide clients with tailored services to plan and execute proactive measures for a successful protective environment.
  • To interview, select, and train the most capable personnel.
  • To continually provide training, support, and supervision to our personnel.
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