Risk Management and Consultancy

Risk Management

GY6 offers more than just a risk management consultancy based on pre- recognised “best practices” for particular trades. We also incorporate practical, real world, and on-the-ground involvements obtained from our global network of sources to provide trustworthy security threat management.

GY6 provides security experts to help our patrons comprehend and treat their security risks. This may be in support of a project, period of change, expansion, or to address a precise security need. Our security strategy team also helps incorporate security measures into building policies.

Prior to our engagement, we take account your circumstances, budget, timeline, and the requested deliverables. Based on our consultations and exploration, a detailed plan develops focused on what is vital as well as realistic. From there, we outline an appraisal plan that will meet your needs.

  • Surveys
  • Protective Services
  • Disaster Management & Emergency Services
  • Employment Screening
  • Security Management & Consulting
  • Intelligence & Data Services
  • Brand Protection & Intellectual Property


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