Risk Assessments

Risk Assesment

Security risk analysis, otherwise known as risk assessment, is essential to the security of any establishment. It is essential in ensuring that controls and outlay are fully appropriate with the risks to which the company is exposed. Legal and regulatory requirements aimed at protecting sensitive or personal data, as well as general public security requirements, create an expectation for companies of all sizes to devote the utmost attention and priority to information security risks.

Risk assessment solutions are most effective when they are incorporated into day-to-day operations of your business- to validate planned operational changes, confirm that security controls are working, or perform a full compliance audit without affecting your operations.

GY6 uses powerful risk analytics and modelling and simulation technologies, GY6 provides a complete portfolio of risk assessment tools for effective security/operations management.  Our solutions provide context-aware network risk assessment that drives effective vulnerability and threat management, operations management, and continuous compliance monitoring.

With GY6, establishments gain better visibility and intelligence to make accurate decisions and can automate security tasks so they can act fast to eliminate threats and other risk exposures.

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