Hostile Environment Trained Personnel (All X-Military)

Hostile Environment Trained Personnel (All X-Military)

GY6 strength is in our staff and our unparalleled experience. We take great pride in the fact that our highly skilled and experienced operators have seen action in some of the most inhospitable and demanding hostile environments around the globe including Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Bosnia, Falklands and the entire continent of Africa.

GY6 still have numerous affiliates, friends and colleagues serving within this highly volatile settings and we have supported clients in challenging and hostile environments for several years, including when severe incidents have occurred and needed our urgent support in safety and security incidents, medical evacuations, media response and scrutiny and so we know that our experience safe life’s.

The GY6 training team are all former X Armed Forces and Police members with specialist training in their chosen fields. They are supported by Subject Matter Experts. Instructors are drawn from a variety of backgrounds including very specialist and sought after units globally and served in the most demanding environments going today.

GY6 believes that war zones are not the only hostile environments, anywhere there is a potential threat to the individual’s safety and security can be illustrated as a hostile environment hence the reason we ensure effort in only employing highly skilled, trained and experienced operators.

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