Hostile Employee Termination

Hostile Employee Termination

In present times, when workers do not achieve as they should, become resentful or even fierce in the place of work, directors cannot take any chances with a simple termination. GY6 tried and tested process of supporting employers in lapsing hostile employees has been 100% effective in alleviating employee threats and defending against criminal and unacceptable conducts.

After a full valuation and discussion, GY6 introduces a comprehensive approach involving a covert and overt security attendance before, during and after the employee conclusion. GY6 also devote a full observation team to monitor the activities and engagements of the dismissed individual and warn those of interest that they are moving in their direction.

GY6 also aid with the legal process including delivering the termination itself, serving restraining orders and providing concluding checks.

It is imperative to take great care when dismissing a hostile employees, especially when threats have already been made. It’s paramount for GY6 to keep you, your workforce, and your brand safe.

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