Hostage Negotiation

Hostage Negotiation

Characterisation: “A negotiation conducted between law enforcement organisations, diplomatic or other government agents for the release of a person(s) held hostage against their will by criminal, terrorist or other elements.“

Many of GY6 Operators are former South African Police Service Special Task Force members.

The STF is considered to be among the best of hostage negotiation units in the world. The South African Special Task Force has a formidable reputation in counter terrorism, counter insurgency and hostage rescue and negotiation.

The Task Force deals with all high-risk operations, such as hostage situations on land, sea and air, including rescue-related operations.

Unfortunately there are times when your personnel or a vessel will be taken hostage and GY6 has extremely well qualified and trained hostage negotiators to assist your company in obtaining their safe release. Specifically, members of our staff have negotiated the safe release of individuals held against their will within the continent of Africa.

As many countries exercise a policy of not negotiating with terrorists, many law and security firms have been called upon to fill this crucial and decisive role. These dialogues are extremely sensitive and complex and require a level of expertise that is best left to trained, experienced and qualified professionals. Should your company or personnel need assistance in this type of situation, GY6 will respond swiftly with highly skilled and qualified operators to assist you.

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