Handcuff Instructor Level 3

Handcuff Instructor Level 3

Overview: This course is particularly aimed at those who wish to develop their skills and become handcuff instructors but also covers the handcuff user course. It can be done as a stand-alone unit or in conjunction with our Control and Restraint course.

Objectives: Delegates will be taught how to use handcuffing techniques in a controlled environment and the best way to impart their knowledge and skills to other delegates. The course covers:

  • Legislation
  • Physical handcuffing techniques
  • Alternative methods for restraining, holding and containing an individual ethically but safely
  • The risks associated with handcuffing
  • Medical implications
  • The impact of using handcuffs on people with mental illness, those that are vulnerable or violent.

Assessment Methods: This is done by continual assessment. Delegates must demonstrate practical skills which are supported by knowledge of the legal and ethical framework.

Course Duration: 2 days

Entry Requirements: In order to apply for a place on this course you should already have the following qualifications, and have been teaching physical intervention for a minimum of two years:

  • Physical Intervention Level 3
  • Conflict Management Level 3
  • Education and Training Level 3

Costs: £215 per delegate

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