Youth Achievers Programme & Training

The Power of One Poem

GY6 has developed the Achievers Youth Program to provide opportunities for those with few or no qualifications, helping them to build their skills, confidence, motivation, and move onto employment and gain a skill set and attitude to be proud off.

According to research more than 8,000 young people will leave care more vulnerable than most. They are more likely to have no qualifications or low basic skills, or be unemployed or homeless.

According to a Home Office survey, 3.95% of the 16-25 population have offended. Our programs can help offenders and ex-offenders to break the offending cycle and fulfil their aspirations. In some regions and countries we run a leaving prison mentoring project and we aspire to embed a positive mental and physical attitude within the young people that will ensure a life worth living.

We are extremely passionate when it comes to assisting, guiding and helping our young people since they are the Leaders of tomorrow and if we don’t invest wisely within them TODAY then we’ve got no legacy to offer so all our Achievers leadership and management programs are developed with the aim to enhance their confidence, skill set, experience and mostly attitude.

How to Understand Your Attitude

Attitude Your Lifetime Buddy

Achievers Poem

"I got your 6 bro - some phrases make you willing to walk into hell"