Executive/VIP Protection

Executive/VIP Protection

GY6 provide exclusive specialised Close Protection, Maritime and Security training and services delivering Close Protection Operatives and Security Personnel far beyond the norm.

GY6 executive protection service provides high-profile-net worth clients, their families and corporate businesses with close-protection that ensures their peace of mind.

GY6 offer a broad spectrum of protective services which will ultimately allow our clients the ability to conduct their business without worrying about threats of personal assault, kidnapping, and criminal attacks.

We realise that our client’s needs differ and, as a result we have developed a comprehensive approach that will efficiently meet all our client’s demands and particular needs.

GY6 stays up to date and models its’ executive security techniques and practice after the most advanced law enforcement agencies globally.

Our job is to detect and prevent threats before they arise. GY6 management understands that our clients are most vulnerable whilst in transit. Our personnel are trained in personal and close protection security and crowd control tactics that will ensure that the security of our customer and the safety of their guest will never be compromised.

Our comprehensive risk assessments provide our clients with an in-depth analysis of their current risks and vulnerabilities, and provide detailed plans to aid them in developing safety processes and programs that are in-line with their exact needs.

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