Defence Against Edged Weapons & Firearms

Defence Against Edged Weapons And Firearms

Overview: Aimed at preparing learners to defend themselves against armed attackers this course is ideal for anyone who already has an understanding of self-defence and wants to develop their skills further.

Objectives: This course builds on previous knowledge and provides delegates with the knowledge required to out-manoeuvre a weapon armed attacker through the use of disarming techniques. The techniques taught are based on obtaining the psychological advantage rather than brute force and so are suitable for all candidates regardless of physical size. The course content includes:

  • Assessing situations and using the environment to provide protection
  • Disarming an assailant
  • Disarming a handgun
  • Defence mechanisms against knife threats, broken bottles, chains or clubs
  • Team disarming techniques
  • Weapon retention
  • The legal implications of using force
  • Dealing with a hostage situation

At the end of the course delegates will be competent in disarming techniques both individually (and as part of a team if required). They will also be able to assess the safest way to defend themselves and others and evaluation of potential escape routes.

Course Duration: 1 day

Entry Requirements: A good level of physical fitness is desirable. Candidates would also benefit from having a basic understanding of self-defence techniques.

Costs: £75 per delegate

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