Crowd Control

Crowd Control

The range of strategies, methods and actions taught and used by GY6 allow those trained to competently deal with all levels of crowd management from obedient non-violent protests and passive direct action protests through to violent rioting, including the use of petrol bombs and other weapons, right up to rioters using dangerous weapons.

GY6 place a great deal of importance on the actions for the arrest of violent lawbreakers and their victorious prosecution as our experience has shown us that imprisoning those involved in violent disorder is the most useful preventive to violent disorder in the future.

All of the tactics, techniques and procedures taught by GY6 are civil rights compliant and regard for the right to peaceably protest is at the core of everything we do.

This is done without revealing officers or the public to preventable risks or allowing circumstances to spiral out of control. By using strategies that deal with the violent subgroup while diminishing the effect on peaceful activists we aim to create a safe setting for all those involved.

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