Control and Restraint Instructor Level 3

Control and Restraint Instructor Level 3

Overview: This comprehensive course offers certification for both Control and Restraint User and those wishing to gain the Control and Restraint Instructor Level 3 qualification. A modular course it can be used as either a stand-alone unit or to support Conflict Management training.

It is an ideal course for those who are expected to use physical intervention and practise control and restraint as part of their work duties.

Objectives: Covering both practical techniques and current legislation this course will teach delegates how and when force can be used to restrain non-compliant or violent individuals. Combining theory with practical exercises to acquire and practise restraint techniques, topics covered include:

  • UK legislation relating to the use of physical force
  • Ethical considerations
  • Medical implications of using control and restraint
  • The psychological impact of using control & restraint on those who are mentally ill or vulnerable.

Candidates will have the opportunity to practise control and restraint techniques under the expert guidance of their tutor so that they have the confidence to use them when they return to their field.

Assessment Methods: This is done on a continual basis throughout the duration of the course. Delegates will only pass if they are deemed to be competent in teaching control and restraint methods and can demonstrate that they understand the legal implications associated with the use of force.

Entry Requirements: In order to take your place on this course it is essential that you have taught physical intervention for a minimum of two years and hold as a minimum the following qualifications:

  • Physical Intervention Level 3
  • Conflict Management Level 3
  • Education and Training Level 3

Costs: £215 per candidate

Course Duration: 2 days

Certification: Upon successful completion of the course you will be awarded with Control and Restraint Instructor Level 3 and Control and Restraint User, accredited by Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance (HABC), our Awarding Body.

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