Hannes Combrink

Hannes Combrink

WARRIOR STRATEGIES provides operational readiness, development and consultative management needs of capable strategic platform for Modern Warrior groups, in all aspects of the psychological, physical and performance phases of being a Law Enforcement, Military, Security operative or Trainer and educator. WSI provides a platform to synergize transitional process for modern warriors to develop mission specific Spirit, Strategy and Skills that will enhance their reliability and performance in warrior careers and fields.

WSI also provides specialized operational-based programs and tactical enhancement training system for Military, Law Enforcement, Security professionals and civilian groups. Headed by experienced professionals, WSI offers comprehensive, customized and consultative management solutions for governmental agencies, multinational corporations and private agencies, organizations or industries in the areas of strategic security, protective security, risk management, maritime security and commercial safety.


The warrior tradition is best exemplified by qualities inherent to most Warrior creeds: strength, honour, pride, devotion, and wisdom. Living like a warrior means conquering oneself and being a master of oneself. Training like a warrior means taking on the challenge that one faces and pushing the personal limits and setting the warrior bar one step higher.

In WSI this same Warrior essence is the core denominator and it defines the way the group primarily operates trains and thinks. The warrior methods must be Proactive, Active and Reactive, synergistically integrated into functional Warrior platform; one that can be Relentless, Resilient and Resolved – One Mind, One Spirit, Any Weapon & Any Mission. The goal is not only to develop essential physical skills and strategies, but also to instil Warrior Spirit that will help harness the power of the mind and body via warrior inspired notions.